I am into Computers and Operating Systems and other computer stuff.
I am into computers. I have older laptops. They have different operating systems; Chromebook (offered on computers by different companies), OS/2 - eCS (eComStation is an updated version of Warp by IBM), OSFree (an open source clone of OS/2 - still being developed), Blue Lion (a variation of OS/2 by Arca Noae)Windows (in its different versions), Linux (which a variety of versions), FreeDOS (open source of the older DOS by Microsoft or IBM) or ReactOS (an open source clone of the Windows operating system - it is still in development with high hopes for the future). There are other operating systems - both at a cost and free - but these are the ones I am interested in.

Blue Lion by Arca Noae
Microsoft Windows
I am into blogging. Some of my blogs are more active than others. I use Google Blogger. 
Big Artist Guy is on my art and on art in general. 
Big Diabetic Guy is on my diabetes and on diabetes information and related items on it. 
Big Disney Goofy Fan is all about Disney's Goofy and related characters.
Big Guy Eating is about me eating out and eating in. 
Big Nerdy Guy is about me and the nerdy stuff I like. 
Big Quilter Guy is about me wanting to learn to quilt. 
Modern Micro Cars are on what I think are modern versions of micro cars. 
Smart Cars Are Cool is on Smart cars and me thinking they are cool. It is also related to other similar cool cars or cars that could be 'smart' in some way.
updated on 12-30-2017