I am a collector of things 
Disney's Goofy and of things Coca Cola. 
I like to collect things that are related to Disney's Goofy character. Part of the fun of collecting is in the search. It seems when it comes to Disney Goofy collectibles or other things that are related to Goofy, it is not easy. There seem to be less and less things that are related to Goofy. Even the Disney Store has little or nothing for Goofy. It is a good thing I like to search for these rare items. I have a small collection that is only of value to myself. 

I also like to collect things related to the Coca Cola brand. Advertising seems to be one of the things the Coca Cola company is known for. I read that they are big in brand related products. It is not difficult to collect Coca Cola items. 

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updated on 12-30-2017