This is the website of Tom Lee Mullins. The web site is called Big Goofy Guy since I am big, I am a fan of Disney's Goofy and I am a guy. I was Big Warp Guy (in a way still am) but OS/2 Warp (the Warp in Big Warp Guy) is no longer being made by IBM (its replacement [eComStation] was by Serenity Systems but it seems they will no longer develop it (might be another company that will continue it under a new name) but is being developed by Arca Noae under the name ArcaOS. 

The above is my personal logo (middle) and my idea of an updated version of a logo that was on WWII airplanes. 

This site is a 'work in progress'. I try to update it every so often.
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I am a Christian.
I am a diabetic
I am a collector.

I forgot when I created this but I updated it on 12-30-2017. 
I am an artist