This is the website of Tom Lee Mullins. The web site is called Big Goofy Guy since I am big, I am a fan of Disney's Goofy and I am a guy. I was Big Warp Guy (in a way still am). OS/2 Warp (the Warp in Big Warp Guy) is no longer being made by IBM (its replacement [eComStation] was by Serenity Systems but it seems they will no longer develop it (might be another company that will continue it under a new name). 

This web site is about me and my art and the art of my father. My father passed away in 2014. It is also on my designs too (even though I am not a professional designer / engineer, it has not stopped me with creating some of my ideas, no matter how amateurish they may be). 

The above is my personal logo (middle) and my idea of an updated version of a logo that was on WWII airplanes. 

This site is a 'work in progress'. more pages to come. 

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I am a Christian.
I am an Artist;
mostly painting - artist
I am a Diabetic.
I am into Computers and Digital Photography
I am a Collector of Disney Goofy Things, Coca Cola Things.